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Advertising on LED Car Toppers is an exciting unique way of advertising in the Tri-Cities (Bay City, Saginaw, Midland). Currently, we have a vehicle focused in the Saginaw area. Traveling constantly, up and down some of the busy streets including; Tittabawassee Road, Bay Road, State Street, Davenport Avenue, Freeland Road, Center Road, Washington Avenue, and North Michigan Avenue just to name a few. 


Within one intersection, 5-50 plus people can see your logo travel past them. For new travelers who come to the Tri-cities, these advertisements may be the first thing they see, which could dramatically increase the chance of new customers coming into your store. All advertisements are seen from eye level and are definitely eye-catching. 

Car-Top Promotions

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL $100 per a 8 second slot 

Pricing scale below, Email us if you have any questions at LandLStudios.ads@gmail.com or TEXT (989)529-4806

Example Advertising Cycle for a single car:

Slot 1: Pizzeria Ad                      Slot 2: Pizzeria Ad 2                 Slot 3: Pizzeria Ad 3                  Slot 4: Random Message

Slot 5: Pizzeria Ad 4                   Slot 6: Pizzeria Ad 5                 Slot 7: Pizzeria Ad 6                  Slot 8: L&L AD (not for sale)

All Slots (EXCEPT SLOT 8) are 8 Seconds Long. This advertising sequence is 60 Seconds long and is on a continuous loop.

How much did each Business pay?

The Pizzeria Business would have paid for 6 Advertisements on this one car. The total cost is $550 per a month

The Purchaser of the Random Message would have paid for only one advertisement, totalling $100 per a month

* When you buy more, you SAVE more and you give yourself more of a chance to be SEEN!*

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